You have taken the first step on deciding upon the work you want to outsource or a new software which you want to develop offshore. At logicmantra, we make sure that communication doesn't become a barrier between us and you get what you previously imagined or what was agreed upon earlier. We have listed out the benefits which we believe you can derive upon partnering with us as well as our typical workflow:
  • Businesses are looking for solutions, at logicmantra we are committed to provide the best possible solution to the business situation at least possible price .
  • We are a big believer in documentation , we do not start work on the project till we have created a clear requirement document, Depending upon project complexity we assign one single point of contact at each phase of the project for faster turnaround time and clear feedback.
  • We want your business again and customer will not come back to us if we give them a sub standard product. When we create product , we keep scalability and future business need of the customer in mind.
  • We hate multi tasking , resources are always 100% dedicated for one project. We prefer to take fewer project and do the best job in the world rather taking every project possible and not be able to match client's expectations.
  • Project Team remains in constant touch with the clients till the project is taken to it's logical conclusion.
  • After deployment we hand hold the customer by training them and providing 90 days of free support
  • We always discuss the pros and cons of which technology to be used for which project/product ; the best available technology man not be the right fit for the customer, we discuss the technology if required and brain storm the ideas before implementation.
  • 24/7 project status availability for the clients. We provide project URL for every project/product we work on.
  • Our Testing replicate the client's environment or hosting account. This helps clients to get comfortable and confident about the product which is going to get done.
  • We have a process in place where every project has a Project Manager assigned who is available during business hour or on a agreed time for discussions with the client. The Project Manager also acts as a liaison between the client and the Project Team
A typical Project Phases at logicmantra:
  • Client requirement Taken either verbally or in Written format
  • Depending upon the kind of application client is seeking a Business Analyst is Assigned
  • Business analyst comes up with a High Level Requirement document
  • This Requirement is sent back to the client and have discussion
  • Based on the Feedback the Requirement is modified and converted into low level Requirement Documentation
  • Once Agreed, the Time, Material and Money is calculated based on this Low Level Requirement documentation
  • Once Agreed, a Project Plan is created and resources allocated
  • Development Team creates Functional specification documentation
  • Functional specification documentation is sent to the clients for Approval
  • Once Approve Development Team, with Tech Architect create Design documentation , whereas Testing team start creating test case documentation based on final version of requirement and functional documentation
  • At this point of Time we ask the Client to create a Acceptance Test cases or Take the subset of test cases from testing Team
  • Once Design is finalized the Development team does the coding in phase wise manner , we normally prefer having feature wise build created to save time during testing
  • All this while, Client will have access to the Test Server to see the progress
  • Once Every feature is complete and tested and final version is loaded on the test server , client Runs the Acceptance test and the product is released.
  • Along with the Product , documentation on how to deploy and information on how to troubleshoot is created. If the client has deployment requirement , logicmantra deploys the solution on Client's machine
  • On site/off site training if needed is provided
  • For Every Product which we develop we provide 90 days of free support
logicmantra SDLC

logicmantra SDLC